Bokgoni Technical Secondary School
Tsebo ke maatla

Remembering Our Roots
Our history is rich and deep, and we value every step we've taken to become the educational institution we are today. Although we have experienced and survived a variety of circumstances, we treasure every moment of our past.
History & Ethos
  • During 1996, the school experienced a significant change in circumstances in the form of new management. This lead to a drastic increase in the Matric pass rate - which leaped to 88%.

  • In 1997, the Matric pass rate showed signs of negative fluctuation - critical evaluation by hands-on management revealed that the cause of this decline was attributable to a reorganization of the syllabus, whereby Functional Mathematics was exchanged for Pure Mathematics.

  • The school currently has 1 338 learners.

  • Bokgoni Technical Secondary School meets the requirements of a level S12 educational institution.

  • The average school-wide pass rate for the 5-year period between 2013 and 2017 is 95%.

Bokgoni Technical Secondary School
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